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How do I learn to program?

The Question
This question is asked often.
You will see many answers, some even contradict each other.
Here are a few I have seen.

"It really depends on what your overall goals are.""Start with an easy language like...""Start with a harder language like...""Just start"
All of these answers have valid reasons, but they do not help someone get started.
I see this question come up over and over. I started to wonder how did I learn? How did other people learn?

Finding Answers I set out on a journey to find an answers. I started asking programmers questions. The answers I found were fascinating.

One question I asked was "How did you learn to program? Where you self taught or did you learn in school?" 90% of the responses said self taught. My first interesting enlightenment. This shouldn't of been such a big surprise. After all I was self taught.

My second enlightenment came when I was trying to find a way to teach my son to program. I r…